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Sergei Pavlov is Russian - Finnish photographer living in Finland. He grew up in a small, landlocked town of 10,000 people called Somero in southern Finland.

He got passionate about the aesthetics of photography while he was an teenager. It wasn’t that much from that until he moved from the small village town to discover the miracles of the world with the child-like curiosity and wholehearted attitude.

His working experiences in professional level started while he was 14 for shooting gallup portraits for the small local newspaper. Starting to work and learning about the world of photography at such young age has brought him very multidimensional experience and career in photography. He’s career has covered things such as: studying photography in 3 different levels (folk-school, apprenticeship, university), working as professional freelance photography assistant for over 50 photographers, photography teacher in 5 different schools (folk + uni level) , he’s been represented by Finnish and International photography agencies in the past and he’s work has been featured in international editorial magazines.

With surprising contradiction to his experience, his own work focuses purely on analog black and white photography that has been printed traditionally in the darkroom. Would it be working with documentary series or fashion editorials, the themes in his work are focused on studying, defining and questioning the human way relating to themselves and others from emotional perspective.

Sergei is currently working as freelance photographer focusing into artistic projects and co-operating with different editorial clients while also working as professional photography teacher. If you have any ideas, commissions, projects, inquires for lecture or teaching, please feel free to contact directly by email.



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